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Meet Our Team

Among the top reasons our students decide to go with us is our professional staff, who are involved in their educational process every step of the way. Get to know more about each of our team members below.

Wayne Steve Thompson Jr.

Lake Charles (KLCH) – Owner

Steve is an Army veteran and a retired State Trooper. He is a full time professor at McNeese State University. He is a member of the Parapoke skydiving demonstration team and a skydiving instructor. He can fly a plane or jump out if it. He is a member of the sheriff’s office aviation unit. Steve has a passion for helping others discover the sky.

Strack Brown

Lake Charles (KLCH) – Flight Instructor

Strack is a flight instructor with expertise in teaching private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine flight training. He is a graduate of McNeese State University, where he earned a degree in Business Management. Additionally, he completed my flight training at Aeroguard Flight Training Center in Phoenix, AZ.  Join Strack in the skies as he teaches the art of flying.

Hunter Bernal

Lake Charles (KLCH) – Flight Instructor

Hunter is an experienced pilot in a variety of aircraft. He is a certified flight instructor and does volunteer flying for charitable organizations. He is also the manager of the FBO at the Lake Charles Regional Airport.

Abbigale Rougeau

Lake Charles (KLCH) – Lake Charles Branch Manager and Administrator

Abbigale proudly serves Rock Solid Aviation as the Lake Charles Branch Manager and administrator. She is an aviatrix and has been flying since the age of 16 and is currently studying to become a CFI. Abbigale has a passion for aviation and enjoys sharing her passion with others. In her spare time Abbigale enjoys a variety of hobbies such as art, music, and crocheting.

Joseph Alpeter

Lake Charles (KLCH) – Flight Instructor

Graduated LSU with a Bachelor’s of Science in May 2021 and plans to obtain his master’s degree in Aviation Management. He attended ATP flight school where he obtained his Private, Instrument, Commercial, Instructor, Instrument Instructor, and Multi Engine Instructor License. He is a 3rd generation pilot and is passionate about aviation, teaching others how to fly, and getting them to reach their goal. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his family and dogs and watching football.

Slate Fuller

Lake Charles (KLCH) – Flight Instructor

Slate is a Lake Charles native. He graduated from Barbe High School in 2017, and Mcneese State University in 2023. Following his graduation from MSU, he attended ATP Flight School and obtained his PPL, Instrument Rating, CPL, CFI, MEI, and CFII.

He has played sports his entire life which has taught him that hard work and persistence are the winning recipe for achieving your goals. He brings an enjoyable approach to instructing while providing a quality learning experience!

John Davidson

Lake Charles (KLCH) and Deridder (KDRI) – Flight Instructor

John is a 22-year-old flight instructor from Lake Charles. He is passionate about flying and even more so about teaching. He’s a proud graduate of Louisiana Tech’s Professional Aviation Program and with over 800 hours of flight time, John is qualified to teach private, instrument, and commercial courses. John not only teaches about crucial flying skills, but he also enjoys mentoring aviation students and guiding them toward achieving their dreams in the sky.

Alan Abduzhalilov

New Orleans (KNEW) – New Orleans Branch Manager and Flight Instructor

Future Flight Instructor and assistant manager.
He was born in Ukraine. He is a descendant of his grandmother, a North Korean who escaped dictatorship. He was living in Ukraine when the Russians invaded. He was attending an aviation university in Ukraine and helped his family including two young siblings escape to Romania. His dreams of being a pilot were crushed.


He was offered a full sponsorship by Rock Solid Aviation. He arrived in March of 2023. He has already obtained his private license, commercial license, and instrument rating. He is working on his instructor ratings.

Matthew Boudreaux

New Orleans (KNEW) – Flight Instructor

Matthew is a 25-year-old Phenom pilot and CFI from Covington, LA with a passion for aviation. He currently holds his CFI, CFII, and MEI instructor certificates. When he is not flying, he enjoys hunting and fishing. 

Luke Schmidt

Deridder (KDRI) – Flight Instructor

Luke is a CFI out of Beauregard Regional Airport. In tandem with instructing Luke is also a certified A&P mechanic.

Joshua Ford

Beaumont (KBPT) – Flight Instructor

Josh is a first-generation pilot born and raised in Houston, Texas. with aspirations to join the commercial airlines.  He graduated from ATP in 2023 with his CFI/CFII/MEI ratings and is a first-class aviation expert with the knowledge of flying a diverse array of aircraft. When he is not flying, Josh is a workout enthusiast and a licensed skydiver.

Lane Cherry

Beaumont (KBPT) – Beaumont Branch Manager

Lane is 33 years old and was born and raised in Buna, Texas. Lane is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the Beaumont branch. Lane began his training with Rock Solid Aviation and is currently working on receiving his CFI certificate. When he is not flying airplanes Lane spends his time hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family.

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