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Enjoy a variety of learning opportunities at Rock Solid Aviation. We currently offer the following licenses: sport pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument pilot, and certified flight instructor. Students can choose to train in our aircraft or train in their own*. For questions about our programs contact us!

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Private Pilot

A Private Pilot’s License allows the holder to act as pilot in command of an aircraft privately. Earning this license is the first step to making a career out of aviation or flying recreationally.


The private pilot license requires a minimum of 20 hours of flight instruction with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and 40 hours of total flight time. The total time varies based on the student. Most require more than the bare minimum time. The national average to complete the private certificate is 79 hours. We will train you as efficiently as possible but will never compromise safety for expediency. The more you prepare between lessons, the fewer hours it will take to get the private pilot license. We tend to be well below the national average.

As you progress in training, you will need the following:

• You will need a Student pilot license. The student license is free! You can start this process by logging into IACRA at The instructor will help you with this process.

• You will need a third-class medical. Log into Call Dr. Dan Butler (located at Modern Medicine) at 337-564-1589.

• You will need to complete a ground school training program to prepare for the FAA PPL exam. You can complete the ground school before or during flight training. Most do it during flight training because it helps keep things interesting. We recommend Sporty’s Ground School. Once all training and experience requirements are met, an instructor will endorse you to take the practical flight test with an FAA-designated pilot examiner. The typical cost is $800 in Lake Charles. You will then be a private pilot.

EXTRA Useful Information
• Learn to do a preflight inspection HERE.
• Lesson plan and radio procedures HERE.
• Learn to reserve a plane HERE.

Instrument Rating

This rating allows pilots to fly solely by reference to the instruments in their aircraft as well as in non-ideal flight condition. It also is a huge upgrade in safety during cross countries as it provides more communication with ATC. Whether you plan to fly recreationally or for a career, an instrument rating is useful to hold.

Commercial License

The commercial license allows a private pilot to become a professional pilot and receive compensation.

Certified Flight Instructor

Becoming a flight instructor allows you to teach other people to fly. We can train you to earn your Certified Flight Instructor and a Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument License. We have instructors with thousands of hours of experience teaching that can help you successfully earn these ratings.

Accelerated Programs

Not local to any of our branches or need to earn your licenses fast? You can train here in an accelerated program for any of our ratings. Certain restrictions apply, such as having written completed and scheduling in advance.

US Army Credentialing Assistance Provider

We are authorized to train US Army, Active, Reserves, and National Guard under the Credentialing assistance program. To apply, click HERE.

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